Château Meylet story

David FAVARD can be define himself as a farmer, winegrower. He took over the family vineyard in 2012 from his father, Michel. Vines are growing since 1875 in his family when his great-great-grand-father comes form Auvergne country ! This one came in Saint-Emilion at the end of the XIXe century where he was selling tissus. It's him who bought the first part of vines, with passion, without changing his job. In the same spirit, the grand-father of Michel FAVARD expands the vineyard but stay cabinetmaker all his life.

Organic wines since 1875

Château Meylet grounds were always be naturally processed. Since 1875,  and more around 1900-1920, dates of the first harvest declarations of David grand-father, today the owner, the vines were treated in the respect of the ground and the wildlife. Cu and sulphur used, called before "la bouillie bordelaise", were the only elements brings to the ground to obtain in 1978 the first wine of Château Meylet.

Demeter & biodynamic wine

80's years will provide a lot of appellations and labels who's gonna get officially the wines of Château Meylet in the organic wines. Michel FAVARD, David's dad, worked the vines in a classical way by using the less corrosives products as possible. This organizations : Lemaire-Boucher, Nature & Progrès and ECOCERT, weren't enough and not exactly as precise as what he wants. He will discover from François Bouchet and a group of market gardners, in 1980, the biodynamic farming. He will use this techniques and will be certified DEMETER in 1990, he finally find the right way ! The organic, DEMETER Saint-Emilion is officially born !

David use this expression to talk about DEMETER culture : "it's a lost culture today, involving a power that you can see, interacted with the nature". A perfect adequation between the natural elements and human's actions.

Actual evolution :


At the beginning of 1990, it's the winemaker without sulphur ; in 1998, the same but in wood frustroconical tanks ; a little sulphiting at bottling in the assembly cup. Everything is done by gravity, without pump.

David FAVARD, after studying wine and vineyards, worked in differents vineyards in Saint-Emilion, and explore a lot of jobs about wines (trade, sale on markets and fairs, restauration). He comes back on the family vineyard from 1998 to 2001. And goes away for a while to live differents experiences... He comes again in 2012 and took over the domaine until 2015 with 2 partners (Michel FAVARD and Ludovic BARTHE).

New departure : "la Cuvée Origine"

chateau meylet 11Since 2015, David manage the domaine, under the kind regard of his father. A first wine, without sulphur, was created with "Cuvée Origine", departure point of a renewal of the domaine with a new winemaker touch, staying in his father's line.

In 2016, a new team is in, with the participation of Anne CALDERONI as his right-hand woman, and with Mauro CATARINELLA as a partner, an orchestra conductor and two musicians ! Pervenche, David's wife, is also in the adventure...




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