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Our vintage from 1978 to 2004,
bottles of 75 cl to 6 liters

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Château Meylet wines

Our vineyard, located on the great wall foothills of Saint-Emilion, is near by the biggest vines of Saint-Emilion appelations "Grand Cru Classé ": Franc Mayne, Laroze, Clos des Jacobins...

Vinification of Château Meylet is perfectly natural, without sulphur or other corrosive product, for the quality of our wine. He is not classical as the appelation should be, it's our difference.

A little area for a great wine

On 1.6 hectares, with calcic sandy soils, grape varieties are 80% of "merlots" and  20% of "cabernets francs". Our production is around 25 hectos/hectares so around 5000 bottles per year.

Meticulous harvest

Château Meylet is the first to do this in Saint-Emilion, sort out directly in the vineyard, long and minutious, each grape is examinated when we cut it.  Grape pickers are initiated to put away every bad element.

After sort out the grape in the vinyard, we do a second one in the tanks, second and ultim passage for the grape before being destemmed.

Vinification is done in wood frustroconical tanks making in oak by Taransaud society, a falous cooper of Cognac city. Château Meylet is, as we know, the first to import this method of vinifcation most of the tiime  used for Bourgogne wines called "le pigeage".

Our wines availables

MILLÉSIME AOP SAINT-EMILION Bottle 75cl Magnum Double magnum
2011 - Available On asking
2012  Available Available
2013 - Available
2014   Available Available
2014 Cuvée G   Available -
2015 - Available
2015 Cuvée Origine   Available Available


Cuvée Clin d’Œil 2019 - 75cl
Cuvée Hyper Franc 2019 - 75cl
Cuvée Carbone 2019 - 75cl


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